This Mess Is Mine.

Taking a so called break, my mind leads me to writing, writing more than I would ever expect. The flood gates just got released with a downpour of rain. Just letting go of any thoughts that may occur, good or bad, and just loving every moment that I have. That I can conquer anything that I put my mind to.  For some it may be just dancing and loving every movement your body makes, or for others telling someone how you really feel. What ever this lifter may be, let it guide you through the moments that almost feel so still yet inspiring.

“I was walking through icy streams that took my breath away, moving slowly through westward water over glacial plains” – Maggie Rodgers “Alaska”



Heeling Regrets.

Regrets. Regrets is an aspect in life that can hold someone back. Regrets are “symbols” that can hold an individual back and prevent them from growing. Regrets can be distant reminders of how to live life, or how you used to live life. Regrets are a small burden that never leaves ones shoulder in hopes that one day it can fly freely. I can only imagine what more than one regret can do to an individual, because having only one feels like you cannot breath while thinking sometimes. Regrets literally pull at heart strings and make you feel like you have dug yourself a hole that not one person can pull you up. Nothing makes these regrets better with time, not an activity, not a distraction, not even another that you love. Regrets need time to heal, they need understanding from yourself that no matter how hard it is to think about, your one regret will pass. All I know is that the one regret I have, will not heel for a long time and will forever impact my understanding of communication and love. My one regret is not calling my grandmother back for ten days and the day I called her back, she died, and I  never got to speak to her again. Regrets, they are a thing everyone can understand, but you can only heel.

When you do not know which way to turn.

When you do not know which way to turn, turn to those who love the most, and turn to those who have a tale to tell. Turn to those who have experiences that can build empires or those who’s experiences can devastate a whole village. Turn to those who needed you when you were not there and turn to those who you painted a path to take when everything was burning. Turn to those who need a helping hand and turn to those who have no other way to go. Turn to those that you believe need a second chance and to the others who were given a second chance, help them lead in a way that benefits all.

The Change to Come

This first blog post is about possibly the biggest change that has occurred in a while. No, not a death, or a lost dog, or possibly my favorite stuffed animal in the world being torn apart. The biggest change to come was actually changing my major. Going into college, at Loyola University of Chicago, I had a fixed viewpoint of what I wanted to be, a pediatrician. A doctor. Yes, going to Loyola University of Chicago would be the best option, at least in my opinion, to be a doctor. Yet, I decided yesterday that I was going to change my Psychology/ Pre-Medicine track to English, with a Creative Writing Concentration. Some would call me crazy, ” Why spend $50,000 on a school for English!” I would agree, why the hell would I spend this money. Then I look back and think, I am supposed to be in college to attain a career that I would be a happy to wake up to in the morning and perform. So, yesterday I decided that waking up to a hot cup of $50,000 coffee, and writing was my calling.

“A major life decision is never a choice but a decision that has already been made.” – Doug Cooper